Why Join Our Creative Clubhouse?

It has been proven through the years that art, being creative, working with our hands, and working with color makes us happy. For those of us that suffer from mental illness and find ourselves in that black hole, OUR CREATIVE CLUBHOUSE will bring out our inner happy colors. Or, if you are just searching for a new group of people who support each other, lift each other up, motivate and help each other learn, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! We know that great feeling when our minds and hands are busy, AND another amazing thing is that we will all be spending time with friends and teachers who are here to inspire us and make us feel as beautiful as we are. It’s time for some …….

Are you like me and have always wanted to learn new crafts? Maybe basic sewing or scrapbooking? Do you wish someone would teach you the basics of how to create that beautiful journal you see people writing their private thoughts in? I know I sure would, but honestly it just seemed like too much work to watch YOUTUBE, and I was a bit scared to learn.

In the Creative Clubhouse you are welcome to color outside the lines, sew that seam a bit crooked, GO AHEAD, YOU ARE JUST LEARNING! Glue that little accent piece on the pillow a bit to the left, perfectly okay. Perfection is over- rated. That’s why most of my projects were never started. I would see beautiful things on Pinterest or YOUTUBE, rush out and buy all the supply list ,(and more), bring them home and be too intimidated to start them. Well no more buddy, we are all in this together. Let’s Create our Peace in Our Creative Clubhouse.

Meet us when you want from where you want! Join in the fun from your living room or your office space, maybe your cabin at the lake. You will never be late because you learn at your own time, your own pace. It's not a race! If you feel like joining in the "live" workshops we will be so excited to see you, but if you want to wait and work on your own you can always rest assured that we are only a click of the button away if you have questions. Please do note that we do sleep, so there are some off hours, ( touch of humor).

Sign up to start enjoying your time with us in Our Creative Clubhouse, it's a place you are ALWAYS WELCOME, a place where you will FEEL AT HOME, and LEARN THE CRAFTS you have always wanted to enjoy making. A place where FRIENDS SHARE TIME, where we share laughs and talk about our WINS FOR THE DAY. It seems to me the WORLD NEEDS MORE HAPPY right now. Go to the website, www. to sign up today.

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