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About Our Creative Clubhouse

Introducing Miss Georgia

Welcome to Our Creative Clubhouse, her name is Miss Georgia, she is a 100 year old farmhouse in Merritt, BC, Canada. Each one of us can visualize spending time crafting inside her beautiful time worn walls, it is a safe, fun, positive place for us all to Create Our Peace and be filled with inspiration and love. We are so excited that your are here.  


Laurie Turmel


Laurie has been overly creative since a very young age, especially with crafts and home decor, and she is the creator (with her sidekick sister Cindy) of the famous PIY Paint Products.


Laurie did not create the “Create Your Peace” group though to teach crafts and painting. She realized that through painting and taking time to just be creative she could get into her “happy place” and for a while she could find color in the dark black hole of depression. But Laurie was not an artist who could teach. She loved to do it as a hobby but she needed to find a partner that would make the group work for every person, of every artistic level.


That is where Laurie was blessed through the Universe to find Sandi Pirrelli. The “Handy Dandy Teacher Sandi”. This team is amazing. Together they will help you find your happy place, learn new crafting or painting techniques, and offer you a safe, positive, inspiring place to “Create Your Peace".


See you in Our Creative Clubhouse!

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Sandi Pirrelli:     


Sandi has been an avid crafter and accomplished artist since childhood.   She won her first drawing contest at age 5 and pursued her art education continually since.  Before retiring from full time employment a few years ago, she had an impressive career with several major manufacturers. 


Her versatile skills served her well as a designer of fabrics, wallpapers,  wall décor, carpets, and hand-painted silks.   She has been pleased to work with major retailers to develop crafting product lines  for their nationwide stores.  Sandi has years of experience in sewing, quilting,  needle felting, mixed media, polymer clay, watercolor, woodcarving, art and junk journaling, scrapbooking…..etc.    If it can be “made”, Sandi has done it! 


Before COVID-19 took it’s toll,  Sandi taught watercolor classes for the city recreation department to both adults and children.  She really loves  teaching others how to discover the joys of creating something handmade.

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Adrienne Garcelli:


Like mother Like Daughter is definitely true in this case!   Adrienne is Sandi’s daughter and has grown up watching her mother always busy “making” something.


As a mother of 8, she hasn’t had a lot of available time to craft, but still enjoys it when she can.  And she is an excellent baker, candy maker, and cake decorator.  


She is a great instructor and enjoys doing videos so we hope to see her often helping in Our Clubhouse.

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